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MaisonLBB CONSULTING is a boutique brand and marketing consulting agency working alongside CEOs and brand leaders in technology & consumer businesses to fully realize their Brand & Marketing strategy.

Founded by Rob Le Bras-Brown, who, after energetically walking the halls of the corporate world for a couple of decades, decided it was now “time for something completely different”. Cue a six month sabbatical and some serious #bucketlistdone check-offs - learning to surf, kite, song-write, meditate - left a lasting impression that was just the stimulus required for a profound life pivot and real career-trajectory change.

Where to start? Look no further than MaisonLBB, a digital marketing and website development agency founded by Rob’s wife Tanya in 2001. MaisonLBB CONSULTING was born as an upstream compliment to the creative production team that have proven their digital design chops over two decades working with a broad range of global cosmetic and fashion brands. The team at MaisonLBB love to ‘color outside the lines’ - constantly breathing creative life into confident, mature, well established brands, who often have a clear brief...but what about brands that have lost their way over the years; or who are reluctantly metamorphosing to adapt to a changing market; or who are simply just being conceived? MaisonLBB CONSULTING exists to help brands ‘find their signal from noise’, distilling down to a brand-bedrock where words matter, less is more, and a Purpose, Vision and Mission can be clearly stated. From this ‘source-code narrative’, a place of confidence, we help brands ‘creatively connect all the dots’ building out a narrative arc across myriad customer touchpoints supported by a full range of creative assets optimized for owned, earned and paid media channels.

What We Do

We deliver marketing leadership with a focus on brand purpose, positioning and our ‘source code’ narrative approach that informs emotive storytelling, exceptional communications and brilliant creative. With a bedrock marketing foundation in place we design and develop a full range of brand and marketing assets across all customer touchpoints.

Offering expertise in branding • marketing • storytelling • creative development • messaging • content, social & digital marketing • innovation • research • insight development • strategy • business development • demand/lead gen • omni-channel • change management • leadership

Motif FoodWorks

Boston based startup Motif FoodWorks is an ingredient innovation company dedicated to reshaping the landscape of food through science and technology so that everyone can enjoy Better Food Experiences.

Engaged by Motif Ingredients CEO, Jon McIntyre and COO, Michele Fite, when the newly formed company was in its critical chrysalis phase - well funded, first two employees hired and enormous possibility. Jon and Michele knew that this was the beginning of something big and meaningful and so they wanted to make sure that from the outset, the organization knew why it existed, where it wanted to get to and how it was going to get there.

We worked with the growing team to develop a brand bedrock - Purpose, Vision and Mission - and from there clarified positioning, values, behaviors and key messaging. We developed a complete new brand identity, re-naming the company Motif FoodWorks, to better reflect the high value-add business proposition, and developed new logo, color palette, imagery and narrative - realized in the all-new website.

Emotion* Studios

Sausalito based emotion* studios is a creative storytelling agency with a successful 25 year track record delivering award winning video at the cutting edge of technology and storytelling.

Founders Glen and Paul wanted a ‘glimpse over the horizon’ to help anticipate what businesses would want and need from emotion* so that they could continue to be the best possible agency for their clients. We designed and led a research program, working with clients of emotion* to unlock insights that informed a refined business strategy, positioning and marketing programs - preparing the agency for 25 years of successful growth.

“Making a decision to work with Rob was an easy one. I can definitely attribute our 40% year on year growth to a lot of hard work, focus and Rob’s guidance. I would recommend anyone who has the rare opportunity to work with Rob and his team. I consider him to be a true visionary in the world of brand marketing.” - Glen Janssens, CEO emotion* studios


Venice, LA based Nugg believes in the collective pursuit of a life worth living - happy, healthy, fulfilled and is working to create the world's most customer-centric cannabis company providing a curated, full-service cannabis experience, that helps people realize the true benefits and the full potential of cannabis.

Co-Founder and CMO, Alex Milligan, has to navigate Nugg’s brand and customer experience through complicated waters - changing state laws, constantly evolving regulations and one of the most dynamic, exciting market landscapes any brand has faced in the last 50 years. We helped Alex and his team find their brand bedrock to maintain a level of focused objectivity and continue to deliver differentiated, value-add customer experiences across key touchpoints in a rapidly growing market.

“Working with Rob has been nothing short of outstanding. He repeatedly impresses with his ability to inject decades of marketing experience and strategy at a moment's notice into any marketing initiative or customer touchpoint, in a way that the outcome always feels original and differentiated. Even more impressive is that he subtly teaches you what he knows and makes you think it was all your idea. Brilliantly effective!”
- Alex Milligan, Nugg CMO


NY and LA based Cosmopak is a cosmetic packaging company with a heightened focus on innovation delivering packaging and fully turn key products to some of the biggest global and influencer brands.

Founder and CEO Walter Dwyer is living at an exciting nexus, the power of social media to create global celebrity; millennial fascination with cosmetics; and the potential of direct to consumer markets to lower barriers to entry - in combination, a formula for potentially explosive growth of the cosmetics industry. Walter understood that lasting growth comes with great brands and those that endure are built on meaning and purpose and so he engaged us to help newcomers with high potential fully realize their ambitions. We work with start-up cosmetic/lifestyle brands to refine and craft their marketing strategy, honing their product and package offerings to compliment their focused positioning and delight their consumers.

Rob Le Bras-Brown

Consultant, Advisor, Innovator, Angel Investor

A little about me….

Before ‘seeing the light’ and taking the leap of a lifetime to set out on my own, I was a member of the leadership team of Nokia Technologies, a global leader in creating the technologies at the heart of the connected world. I ran the consumer digital health business, based in Paris, as a product focused GM responsible for all product marketing, engineering development, operations, sales and marketing. Prior to my ‘city of light’ adventure I had the pleasure of being CMO of Nokia Technologies in San Francisco, with responsibility for the overall marketing & design strategy across digital health, VR, and the brand and patent portfolio.

Prior to joining Nokia, I spent 7 years at HP in ‘the Valley’ in a number of marketing and innovation roles, eventually becoming CMO for the $50+ billion PC and Print businesses responsible for global marketing across consumer and commercial channels, leading a 600+ marketing team activating end-to-end programs in 100+ markets across all major brands. To scratch my design itch I was privileged to lead Customer Experience & Design across all print platforms developing ID, UI and UX.

Before packing up the family and heading West we lived in NYC for almost 20 years and I enjoyed working at the forefront of design, innovation and marketing for PepsiCo and Revlon Cosmetics, working on teams that launched and grew a string of now global household brands - ColorStay, Pepsi Max, Aquafina, 7Up.

Oh, I did go to school :) I studied Mechanical Engineering to Masters Level at Birmingham University in England and did my post grad in Advanced Design, Manufacture and Management at Cambridge University.

When I am not helping clients build great brands and businesses around the world I love nothing more than to give back to the best of the up and coming talent and start-ups. I share an interactive masterclass on marketing and mentor at The Refiners in San Francisco and The Camp in Aix-en-Provence. When I really like a start-up’s vision and the team impresses me I invest, with a focus on technology, sustainability and lifestyle ideas.

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