UI/UX Designer and Digital Content Manager

MaisonLBB is a boutique digital marketing and website development agency founded in 2001.

We deliver marketing leadership with a focus on brand purpose, positioning and our ‘source code’ narrative approach that informs emotive storytelling, exceptional communications and brilliant creative.

With a bedrock marketing foundation in place we design and develop a full range of brand and marketing assets across all customer touchpoints.

The UI/UX Designer and Digital Content Manager will manage and update e-commerce websites for our clients globally.

Create digital graphics and animated content, such as videos, motion graphics, and animated gif images for brand sites, retailers, and social media.

Perform high-quality photo retouching, color-correction, and product image rendering.

Develop brand design, including logo design, visual system design, color palette development, photographic style selection, and typographic choices.

Develop digital design mockups and prototypes. This involves developing UX design prototypes to synthesize the interactivity and overall user flow with minimum cost, time and effort.

Deliver UX/UI design-related services and conduct day-to- day communications with clients and extended team.

Develop creative concepts and original UX/UI designs, inspired by contemporary international culture, in graphic, web, and mobile media.

Conceptualize and execute creative projects to maintain brand identity and websites/mobile applications’ usability.

Conduct front-end web design, maintenance, and e-commerce activities for desktop, tablets, and mobile devices, focusing in particular on fashion, cosmetics, and health global retail industries.

Create UX/UI graphic designs for both mobile and desktop interfaces.

Perform HTML and CSS editing for cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility.

Conduct high-resolution photo retouching and color correction.

Implement automation workflow techniques for batch image editing and proprietary and custom CMS application tools.

Conduct research and development activities related to industry trends and best practices.


- Bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent in Graphic Design, Communications Design, or a closely related field plus two (2) years of experience in the same or similar occupation.

Will accept Master’s degree or foreign equivalent in Graphic Design, Communications Design, or a closely related field in lieu of Bachelor’s degree plus two (2) years of experience.

- One (1) year of experience or at least one semester of university-level coursework in the following:

- Typography and visual design;
- HTML, CSS and web design;
- Brand design; Digital design;
- Usability and interactivity training;
- Photo-retouching;
- and Cosmetology or related beauty industry work.

Job Location:
MaisonLBB’s offices located at 265 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10012.

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To Apply:
Email resume and cover letter [email protected]

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